Los Angeles, CA - Elliott Levenglick LLC is pleased to present the first solo show in Los Angeles by artist Brittany Mojo. This exhibition also marks her first solo show since completing her MFA thesis at UCLA this past spring.


Mojo looks to mundane objects in her immediate surroundings that become the focus of her sculptures. Specializing in ceramics, she frequently incorporates other elements traditionally associated with crafts, including wood and paper mâché. In recreating items like a bicycle, a plant, bottles and other vessels, the artist alludes to and thusly acknowledges the decorative connotations entwined with her preferred materials. Yet, the literal and conceptual narratives ingrained within the pieces simultaneously undermine this status: For instance, the tangible impressions of fingerprints in some of her clay works suggest the story of a process and her own physical labor, while her decision to replicate these objects implies another layer of meaning, indicative of individual memories and emotional attachments around chosen subject matter.  

Central to the show is Self-Portrait, Leaving (2016), comprising a series of porcelain bottles and other vessels situated on a cart, made of wood, paper and plaster. Mojo imagined the piece as an homage to and commemoration of her time as an art student at UCLA. The cart component resembles a functional one that she used regularly throughout graduate school, and that she describes as being essential to the grunt work of daily life in the studio.  Meanwhile, the series of vessels refers to the foundations of the craft, and is a form that has always intrigued Mojo for its resemblance of the female figure, as well as its contradictory, dual appeal as utilitarian—like with conventional mugs or bowls—and ornamental or as a signs status—like a vase deemed “fine art.”

About Brittany Mojo:

Brittany Mojo (born 1989, New Jersey) is an artist and sculptor currently based in Los Angeles. After studying ceramics at California State University in Long Beach, Mojo enrolled in the MFA program at UCLA, where she concentrated on ceramics. Since 2009, she has been featured in over a dozen group shows and several solo shows in California as well as Italy. She appeared in New American Paintings in 2014 featured in its annual “Pacific Coast” competition.